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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Robert Johnson Brings Us to the Crossroads

No, not that Robert Johnson . . . this Robert Johnson, the one who's asking us to adopt some real post-partisan language (known these days as, I'm sorry Republicans, Obama Administration language) and take the road we need to travel with the American banking system.

Serious question: Is all this shunning of 'nationalization' talk from the Obama people just a 21st century fireside chat designed to delay
what they already know to be the inevitable? Is nationalization (restructuring, in Johnson-speak), ironically, the genuine incarnation of capitalism? Put another way, is all this talk of avoiding nationalization (restructuring) an actual bend toward socialism's back door? Because, you know, if that's the actual case, then the GOP is going to need a drink.

As per the theme of a number of my posts, the GOP has (still) only operated in a way that makes me suspect their generational doom. My nephew turns two on Saturday. I'm beginning to wonder what will come first: His high school graduation or an actual White House contender who's a Republican.

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