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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Note to the GOP: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Let's try this again. Maybe I should call it the "Imminent Republican Party Irrelevance Watch."

I don't know. Perhaps flat out hubris is a part of the process in coming to a state of acceptance.

Let's begin with GOP Chair Michael Steele who has gotten himself in hot water twice now. He disrespected Rush Limbaugh and then confessed to being pro-choice (Word to pro life community: When you say you're personally pro life but believe that individuals should choose whether or not an abortion is appropriate for them, we have a name for you: Pro Choice). The problem is not Steele, but rather Steele's penchant for telling the truth by accident. For a party that fashions itself as a bunch of straight talkers, the GOP sure has problems with someone doing just that. The fact that Michael Steele would be in any sort of trouble at all for these comments is precisely the sign you need if you're looking to see where the minority party is headed. They're stuck in an old paradigm. (I've been making this point at this blog for a while now). They should be kissing Michael Steele's feet for offering an honest assessment of what the party needs for any sort of a future.

Let's start with someone who can explain it better than me. David Frum's conservative credentials are beyond question. Here's what he had to say about Rush Limbaugh. It's worth the time to take it all in (be you a Republican or a Democrat).

Then let's move to one of the most pragmatic economists you'll ever find: Kenneth Rogoff. Watch his recent comments on the G20 gathering, but hear them through the following filter: What should a Republican, who would ostensibly be hoping for his or her party's success over the course of the next 20 years, take away from this man? You'll have to do a brief overview of how the GOP has conducted itself since January 20th in order to properly play the role (And I make this recommendation to actual Republicans as well as Democrats since the latter will actually be getting into character while the former have lately been prone to bouts of selective memory, denial, or both).

So, that's a big assignment. Frum then Rogoff. Report back here with your conclusions. ~ JDJ

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