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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The GOP Will Not Ruin My Birthday

Look, I'm a public school teacher who lives in a state that has debt issues. If you can't figure out why the GOP's dice-shave of the stimulus bill has me upset, then you need to read more. And remember, we can blame the GOP . . . and only the GOP . . . because this is the non-filibuster-proof Senate we're talking about here. [And, for the record, we're all about to get a lesson in civics because there's going to be something known as a conference committee that has to happen now. Conference committee's are largely benign gatherings of House members and Senators where differences between the respective versions of the bill get worked out. The President can only sign something that's been passed in identical form by both chambers. The conference committee on this particular stimulus bill may not be a benign affair, though. There are numerous House members . . . even some Republicans . . . who are feeling the heat at home to help take pressure off the strained state budget shortfalls. AIG gets a couple hundred billion dollars . . . but my kid Billy has to sit in a freshman algebra class of 50 students next year because you wouldn't kick us a couple billion over here in Indiana? The election of 2010 is only 21 months away . . . or, in terms more salient to the topic, when Billy will be in a sophomore geometry class of 55 students).

But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about what I've been talking about for the past few weeks.

This is it, right here . . . right now. This is where the GOP lays the foundation for its own irrelevance in the next 15 years. Thanks to my good pal, MS, I've already seen the "overnights" on this (Best birthday present so far, dude) . . . and the American public has spanked President Obama down to a horrifying approval rating of 68% (sarcastic tone intended) NOT for the reasons being rattled off by Mitch McConnell.

Quite the contrary, the President's wrists are being lightly slapped because he's not telling Mitch McConnell to f### off. Numbers don't lie. I'm not trying to be a pathetic know it all. They're internals, so I won't share without permission (which I won't get) . . . . but they're pretty clear. The American people are telling the President to be LESS nice to the GOP. Why is that? If you're a member of the GOP, take a good long hard look in the mirror (I asked you to do this a couple weeks ago in an earlier post). Clinton moved the Democrats to the right. Who's your Clinton? Time for many of you to pack your bags and prep for a move to the left. The train whistle's only going to blow a couple more times.

Barack Obama knows all this. Mitch McConnell knows that Barack Obama knows all this. Barack Obama knows that Mitch McConnell knows that Barack Obama knows all this.

Mitch McConnell's actually a smart guy who's in the Senate by the skin of his electoral teeth (November 4th was engaging on many levels, but the one that we probably should have given more attention, once we knew the McCain people were doomed, was just how close Senator McConnell came to being unemployed as opposed to being the de facto head of his party . . . which is what he is right now, try as Minority Leader Boehner might).

So I'm mad, but this isn't over for me. I'm going to be OK. I don't belong to either party (although the GOP is making it easier and easier for me to say something like, "Awww hell, sure. I'll just say I'm a Democrat for the time being.")

It's not over for me, but if you DO BELONG to the GOP, and you DO ENDORSE their most recent behavior regarding the stimulus bill . . . then listen to me (because I listen to MS, the guru who made lots of my friends mad when he declared that Bush had lost the general public on the night he made his post-Katrina speech from The Big Easy. We took tons of grief from lots and lots of Bush apologists, and even a few Democrats. Only problem is this: MS was right. Look back on it now. Joystick polling worked! I'm wondering if he's received a single apology. I doubt it) . . . it's about to be over for you.

Sorry. The truth hurts. And again, I don't enjoy being the messenger. I want a viable GOP. Jerry McGuire said it best, "Help me help you." Cut loose of the silly semantics Senator McConnell. Barack Obama doesn't have copyright protection on the word 'Change.'

Do it for me. It's my birthday.

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