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Friday, January 23, 2009

WARNING: This is addicting

Check this out.

Here's the Really Pathetic Poll: Which one do you like the most? The least?

I'll get things started in the comments section.~JDJ


John Jacobson said...

What I like the most: The 8 team college football playoff

What I like the least: The DH in both the AL and the NL

Tony said...

What I like most: NFL changing the OT rules.

(Honorable Mentions: 8 team college football playoff and not making the NCAA Basketball tourney bigger)

What I like the least: Getting rid of the DH in the AL. Seems like they want to solve that problem either way in that article.

(Honorable Mentions: Getting rid of events with judges in Olympic events. That's like half the events.)

debra said...

What I like least -- expanding the DH, Dump the DH across the board.

What I'd like to see -- Just flat out get rid of NASCAR, period, it's like professional wrestling at this point -- drama and melodrama, and no sport.

GopherPT said...

The most liked suggested change...move NHL teams back to Canada. I've tried here in Atlanta for a decade to get people to care, yet they all still name all of the restrictor plate NASCAR races from memory.

No public financing of stadiums is right up there, a close second.

My least favorite...also dual league DH...which is lame and means the NL loses all aging stars to the AL, and AL records then dominate the majors. (RBIs are easier when there are more hitters in the lineup).