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Friday, January 16, 2009

I Need the Following Two People to Have Large Egos

1--My doctor (Most recently, my cardiologist)

2--Anyone flying the plane I'm on

C.B. Sullenberger, you are the man! Nicely done, sir.


debra said...

Dude and co-pilot walked the aisles to gather more life preservers and be sure everyone was out with the water swirling around their legs. Man, nerves of steel.

And how about the ferry boat guys who didn't wait -- just blasted straight across and started pulling people out of the water?

I have this theory that most people in this society are problem solvers by nature and our first reaction to an emergency is "how are we going to deal with this?" and rational action and not "OMIGOD!" and panic. But these guys are the reigning world champions i think.

John Jacobson said...

Agreed entirely, DS.

I think there's a rather cynical view of people in crisis mode that doesn't fit with . . . actual people in actual crisis mode.

Serious question: Have any of you been in a crisis in a dream? How did you conduct yourselves? I think that offers some clues. I really do.

debra said...

I have been in crisis situations, and I can tell you that in the moment you are focused and problem solving, but once everything was over and the adrenalin of the moment had passed I took a deep breath and fell completely apart.