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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Death of Talk Radio Cometh

Leonard Pitts says it much better than I'm capable of saying it, but mark my words: Prediction #16 will be correct come December 31, 2009.

It's already happened in many ways. The decoupling between what Rush says and what we think began round about September 15th of this past year (and it's picked up steam ever since).

You can check it against any number of polls, the place on the political spectrum where you'll find this trend is more true than ever is most definitely right of center. The left rarely if ever gave credence to Cape Girardeau's favorite son; thus, any digging you do with those people won't reveal much of a shift.

The phone call is coming from inside the house, Mr. Limbaugh!

Indeed, talk radio in general is moving to relic status. Its ability to influence actual political realities is simply ending. What's worse, it has only one option as per the preordained terms of its market. There's no better bellweather of this industry than Rush Limbaugh. He's the King. The only move he can make to try and stop his own 'relevance bleeding' is to introduce more and more hyperbole to the product he sells. More and more hyperbole ensures only that he'll become less and less relevant . . . which leads him to again exercise his only option of bringing on more and more hyperbole . . . and so on . . . and so on.

It's a downward spiral of a different sort, to be sure, but nothing that should surprise us. The history of media suggests that these types of trends do ultimately end . . . and by "end" I'm hardly referring to profits. Please do be sure to read the full prediction on #16. I'm not claiming a loss of listeners. Quite the opposite, in fact: Talk radio will do better than it's ever done before in terms of ratings--and that will actually be its problem.

Judge Judy is damn entertaining . . . but no one I'd look to for an understanding of our legal system.~JDJ


John Jacobson said...

Thank God!

Santera said...

This is a comment on the article- I am all for the betterment of our educational system and future. I completely agree that the "No Child Left Behind Act" was a complete mistake. But... in our current economical state, do we want to be putting that amount of money into a system that won't be creating jobs right away? Again, I am all for reforming our educational system. Right at this moment, I feel like we have a bigger disaster on our plate.
How many jobs were cut last Monday? Some where in the ball park of 60,000, right?

John Jacobson said...

If people want to have the conversation that we tend not to want to have . . . education (done right) can house tens of thousands of new jobs.


Santera said...

How do you see the package helping the thousands who have lost their jobs at establishments such as Caterpillar, HomeDepot, Sprint Nextel, General Motors, ect off the bat?
I'm curious, seriously, I don't have any bs up my sleeve.

John Jacobson said...

Other than the old standby? Money flushing into the system gets the system running again? I'm also being serious. How much detail are we talking here?

Santera said...

Enough that I git git git it.