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Friday, December 19, 2008

When did this happen?

Paul Krugman Bogarted my last post, but there are a few questions that ought to be raised in the wake of all this.

Can you feel it? Do you sense, like I do, that there are more than a few people out there who will condemn Mr. Madoff publicly, but, without admitting it to anyone, admire him just a little bit in private?

When did this happen? When did the right co-opt the left's ability to criticize the desire to acquire wealth? Seriously, play the familiar tape to the end (Actually, that cliche' needs to change: So instead, play the familiar mp3 file to the end):

A-A guy makes a lot of money in the financial sector.

B-Everyone assumes the guy is smart.

C-Everyone assumes the guy worked hard and, as a result, EARNED his money . . . irrespective of the fact it might be, by conventional middle class standards, an obscene amount that wasn't really earned in the classical sense of adding value.

D-Someone, ostensibly a little left of center, criticizes the guy, the system that allowed the guy to earn such an enormous amount of money, or both.

E-The left-of-center-critic just mentioned in 'D' (hitherto referred to as LOCC) is, in turn, criticized by the right (and even a goodly number of souls on the left) as being out of touch, probably a socialist, etc.

F-Most people (on the left and the right) assume LOCC is just a tad naive . . . and, although we'd dare not say it publicly, a little jealous because he's clearly not as smart (and probably not as hard working) as the guy who made a lot of money in the financial sector.

My questions: [1] When did this happen? [2] Why did it happen? [3] Whose fault is it? I'm going to comment on my own post with a round of answers. I ask you to feel free to do the same.


John Jacobson said...

[1] When did this happen?
---I think it's been going on since the early 1980's, but I also think a more virulent strain of it cropped up around 1998.

[2] Why did it happen?
--Bill Clinton moved the Democratic Party significantly to the right in the 1990's. Part of the price was giving up a valid voice when it came to being critical of a nakedly banal ambition to acquire wealth

[3] Whose fault is it?
---If there was no external reason keeping you from becoming a "victim" then, sorry, but you're not a victim. You're a fool. This one's easy. It's the left's fault. Don't blame the right because they pulled a fast one on you.

Gato Uno said...

1: When?
...It happened overnight, and also over a large number of years, like 37 or some other big number of years.

2: Why?
...Man, if I had less scruples, I'd be pulling down so much bank, it'd be ridiculous. It's all about the scruples and these guys are scruple-lackingtastic.

3: Who?
...Emmanuel Lewis. Failing a concise answer, blame it on "Webster".