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Monday, December 29, 2008

Day Three In the Same Clothes: Get Ready

I expect to finally fly out of Cincinnati in a few hours. My luggage has been in Milwaukee since Saturday, but the extra time here has been well worth my while. The Delta overnight kit is quite nice, the hotels have been awesome, and I'm sitting on $1,300 in free plane tickets.

My time at the Sheraton has taught me the following:

1--In the grand debate between Packers GM Ted Thompson and former Packers (current Jets) quarterback (and future hall of famer) Brett Favre, the winner is Chad Pennington.

2--I'm probably a couple weeks away from polishing off season one of Jericho (while riding my bike in preparation for Ironman Wisconsin), and I'm totally geeked to start season 4 of Lost. I should note here that I watch ALL of my non-news/non-sports/entertainment-based television while riding my bike from roughly November through mid April of every year. Anyway, the balance to Lost has been found. Have you guys heard of Californication? I just saw one episode here last night. Wow. That's some amazing writing.

3--Can I still consider myself a movie buff if I haven't seen a single film on someone's top ten list?

4--The next time you're in Covington, Kentucky, do yourself a favor and dine at Nu/Vo. You won't be disappointed.

5--I'm bringing back a tradition in a day or so. Get ready for The 2009 Predictions. It promises to be intellectually stimulating.


Gato Uno said...

The only movie I've seen on Dana's list is "Wall-E". I highly recommend it.

The others? I have only heard of a couple of them but will investigate.

John Jacobson said...

Yeah, I'm feeling wayyyyyyy out of it this year.