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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Admit It. When You Heard What Governor Blagojevich Did . . .

. . . you smiled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My oh my.

What's that? You didn't smile? Sorry, but I don't believe you.

The Governor, as we all know, went and got himself into some majorly hot water earlier this month. He deserves all the public scorn he's getting (Before you jump my case, don't forget #5). Some of the tongue-lashing had even come from the appointee himself. But the Democratic caucus in the U.S. Senate and various members of Illinois' state government had to make sure their outrage was properly measured, so they started shooting off their mouths without looking at all the permutations on the chess board.

The Illinois Secretary of State won't certify any appointment made by the Governor.

The U.S. Senate won't seat (???) any appointment made by the Governor.

Yeah, OK . . . . way to paint an already mean dog into a corner everybody. Even Cesar Milan would throw his hands up if Rod Blagojevich inhabited a basset hound.

I fall back on a few cliches with my students. I've been teaching for 20 years. It's like trying to come up with new plotlines for another season of ER, sometimes you have to recycle some material. Anyway, one of my favorites is this: The scariest person coming toward you on the street is the person who's decided he has nothing left to lose.

In this case, that would be the current Governor of Illinois, wouldn't it?

What was it about those tapes that made everyone think he'd respond well to threats, that he wouldn't ultimately go ahead and fill the vacancy? Did I miss the part where he gave the appearance of being a rational human being?

Sure, we all wish, upon hearing those line-in-the-sand sermons on the mount from Illinois politicians and U.S. Senators, that we'd of said . . . . "Wait, what if the Governor appoints a scandal-free Black man (to a presently Black man-less U.S. Senate) who states outright that he's only interested in finishing off the last two years of the term? And what if this guy isn't mentioned on any of the criminal complaint tapes? And what if it's fairly apparent that, even though the Governor said he wasn't going to give the seat away for 'fucking nothing' he actually does give it away for fucking nothing? Wouldn't that mean that the Illinois Secretary of State and pretty much the entire U.S. Senate would be in what George Clooney's Everett once called, 'A tight spot'?"

But we didn't say this, and that's why, if we can get over ourselves for just a second, we should all stay in the present and enjoy the moment.

We should smile at his morbid brilliance. We DID NOT see that one coming. Touche' mon Blago!

The Governor will be impeached by Valentines Day. It may be a while before you get to see someone remotely like him again. Just go ahead and let yourself admire him for goodness sake.


debra said...

Oh and leave it to Bobby Rush to turn it into a racial issue.

Sheesh. Chicago politics writ large for the world to see.

You just knew Blogo would figure out someway to make this even more ridiculous than it already is.

Oh, and how are we doing on the Coleman/Franken race....? Hmmm. Just in case you think Illinois has the market cornered on silly politics.

John Jacobson said...

Good question: How are we doing on the Coleman/Franken race? Everyone's supposed to be sworn in on Tuesday??

Looks like Franken is ahead by 49 votes (which means it's still tied)

debra said...

That's what I'M talkin' about... oh yeah, who called it?

To wit:

FOCUS | Franken up 225 With Recount Complete; Focus Turns to Court
Mike Kaszuba and Kevin Duchschere, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune: "Norm Coleman's term as a US senator ended at noon Washington time on Saturday, and by evening his hopes of winning a second term had been dealt an expected but serious setback as state officials counted previously rejected absentee ballots in St. Paul. DFLer Al Franken held an unofficial lead of 225 votes over Coleman, according to a newspaper tally of the officials' count of the absentee ballots. Franken had led unofficially by 49 votes going into the day and gained a net 176 votes from the new ballots."

debra said...

I should add this: I think that the Franken/Blago situations only go to prove that Democrats know how to make everything more complicated than it needs to really be.

John Jacobson said...

So, I'm lazy . . . . do my thinking for me. Does this mean that there's not going to be a Supreme Court resolution???

debra said...

I think the Senate will muck this Blago appointment around and figure out some weasel solution on their own. Definitely too many Constitutional lawyers in that group.

The "Nine" are too busy watching the BCS to care about the "Trailblazer" from Illinois, but will lie in wait for fallout from Coleman/Franken. They will have to tread lightly because elections/election results and voter qualifications are all in the reserved powers box (despite Bush v Gore -- I think you can only make those arguments based on the Presidential election cause it's nationwide) I think you'd almost have to go section 1969 on their *ss to kick it into the federal realm.... I think Norm's got nothin' to play at that level and might as well leave it alone.

Again, I could be wrong.